I'm a cultural producer and digital marketer with a specialty in the arts. Drawing on my background from working in digital strategy, I help both nonprofit organizations and brands drive growth and engagement. I bring expertise in digital, e-mail and social-media strategy to drive growth and engagement.

I'm passionate about supporting women as they pursue their career goals, which led me to find my home as East Coast Co-Director of Art Girl Army (AGA) and as a Salary Negotiation Workshop Leader for Ladies Get Paid (LGP).

I also dedicate my time to voiceover work, teaching embroidery classes, and studying languages (French, Italian, and Arabic).

About AGA and LGP:

Art Girl Army is a diverse community of cis women, trans women, and non-binary and gender non-conforming creatives who believe in their work, in themselves, and in-each other passionately and unapologetically. AGA provides a digital space to facilitate collaboration, provide job and networking opportunities, and share resources for 5,000+ members. On the ground in NYC and LA, AGA provides in-person events for creatives across various artistic fields.

Ladies Get Paid's mission is to help women advocate for themselves at work, and its goal is to facilitate female leadership through community, education and advocacy. 

Welcome page photo c/o of Georgina Arroyo.